Why the venetian rowing is much more to Venice than what you think it is

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    The remiere, rowing clubs, are undoubtedly one of the few places, maybe the best places, for social gathering and interaction between the people living in Venice.

    Remiere are one of the last places of social interaction in Venice for the local population

    To the rest of the world, the Voga Veneta is the technique used by the Gondolieri, but for the locals, the Voga Veneta means so much more, both for the younger generation and for the older generations, regardless of gender or wealth. It’s unsurprising to see a much older rower teaching or just going out for some healthy activity with a rower who still has some baby teeth.

    Since both the techniques and the boats have substantially been unchanged over thousands of years, the Voga Veneta can be seen as one of the strongest ties to the past, as well as a tradition that keeps the city and its citizens’ identity alive, deserving therefore to be protected and promoted just like the remiere are doing.

    I'm visiting Venice. Why should I follow your recommendations?

    The way you visit Venice has an impact both on the quality of your experience and on Venice itself.  Chilling, exploring, shopping, eating and drinking where the locals do, can make a huge impact both on the memories you bring home and on the local economy and community.

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