Le Forcole di Saverio Pastor

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    The oldest master of an art that keeps Venice moving

    Saverio is the oldest “remer” in Venice, or Venetian oarlock maker, one of the last 4 masters in the world who make the thousands of years old Venetian rowing tradition still possible.

    Saverio started as a scholar of the legendary “Forcola King” Giuseppe Carli in his teens, and by 1980 he opened his own oarlock workshop.

    Since his debut as a remer, Saverio makes use of the traditional techniques as well as some of the tools he got from his master, to create innovative oarlocks which adapt even better to the needs of the modern rowing champions.

    His love for Venice and the Voga alla Veneta led Saverio to found the “El Felze” association, which involves all the craftsmen involved in the construction of the gondola and its fittings, as well as to become part of the council of the Arzanà, an association for the study and preservation of historical Venetian boats.

    Halfway between the famous landmarks Chiesa di Santa Maria della Salute and Accademia Bridge, Saverio’s workshop represents the red thread that connects the ancient times of the Serenissima to the modern Venice… you should not miss it!

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    Opening Times

    Mon – Fri: 8AM – 6PM (Indicative)


    Fondamenta Soranzo della Fornace 341,
    Dorsoduro 30123

    Phone Number

    +39 041 5225699

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