French TV show ‘Les Témoins d’Outre-Mer’ interviews Venezia Autentica to discover how Epiphany is celebrated in Venice

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    The TV show Les Témoins d'Outre-Mer, broadcasted by France Ô, asks Venezia Autentica to describe how Italian celebrate Epiphany and, in particular, how it is celebrated in Venice

    The French Tv show Les Témoins d’Outre-Mer, interviews Sebastian Fagarazzi, co-founder of Venezia Autentica, to discover how Italian children celebrate Epiphany waiting for the “Befana”

    In an interview for the French Tv program Les Témoins d’Outre-Mer, Sebastian Fagarazzi, co-founder of Venezia Autentica, describes how Italian children celebrate Epiphany waiting for the “Befana”, an old lady which will reward good children with a sock filled with candies, while bad children will be given a sock filled with coal. A more recent tradition in Venice, to celebrate Epiphany, is the organization of a regatta on the Grand Canal on traditional Venetian rowing boats, in which men over 60 dress as old peasant women and race each other back and forth between the Rialto Bridge and San Tomà.


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