The Guardian Presents Venezia Autentica as an Innovative Solution to Venice’s Tourism Crisis

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    The Guardian features Venezia Autentica as a change-maker in Venice's new wave of impactful entrepreneurs and activists fighting mass tourism.

    In their recent article about Venetian over-tourism and the action being taken to manage it, The Guardian featured Venezia Autentica as part of the solution.

    The Guardian features Venezia Autentica solution to Venice tourism crisis

    In April 2019, The Guardian, a leading global source of news and analysis, published an article dedicated to explaining Venice’s hyper-tourism situation and the attempts to solve it, such as grassroots activism and socially sensitive, sustainable initiatives. Among these initiatives, the article features Venezia Autentica, highlighting the company’s mission of rekindling the lost connection between locals and tourists by creating a sustainable local economy that keeps local businesses alive and prevents displacement of locals.


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