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    Celebrating 1 year of (and close to 2 of Venezia Autentica)

    Our website, launched 1 year ago

    Venezia Autentica's website,, turns 1 today - Venezia Autentica | Discover and Support the Authentic Venice - Our website, launched 1 year agoCiao a tutti! Today is a special day for us as it is a day of celebration of this magnificent adventure

    Ciao a tutti! Today is a special day for us as it is a day of celebration of this magnificent adventure that is Venezia Autentica. Indeed, it is exactly one year ago that we launched our website, after already one year of activity on social media.

    In these past 2 years of looking to improve the future of the Venetians and Venice, we’ve been blessed by beautiful moments, encounters and hard times we’ve grown from. We received an incredible amount of support and encouragement and wanted to thank you for that. It means a lot to us!

    We’re looking at this 3rd year full of energy and projects and thought it was the perfect opportunity to give you a quick summary of these past 2 years.

     We’re proud to report that we’ve been told that we’ve helped people moving to Venice, that we’ve helped local business owners feel better and sell more, that we’ve helped you feel more confident about the quality of your experience and impact.
     We’re supporting over 120 local businesses and associations with our website and already over 50 of them have taken our certification and are part of our special program the ‘Venezia Autentica Friends’ Pass’
    ▶They are now over 30K people to follow us on our social media, our website is one of the most visited of the category, and all together, millions, yes, millions, of people have seen our work.
     We’ve finally founded, a few months ago, our social enterprise to bring our impact to the next level
     People are sharing their love and hope for the future of Venice and their appreciation of our work with us on a daily basis and many have contributed to our cause by becoming ‘Friends’ of Venezia Autentica
    We’ve made new friends through our work, too, some of you and obviously many fellow Venetians.
     And we’re humbled to say that the work that we’re doing to improve the life of the Venetians and visitors in Venice has made it to major media outlets on almost each continent of our dear planet earth.
     And last but not least, the number of hopeful smiles that we’ve seen in the past years has overwhelmed us and is ever increasing which gives us a lot of comfort and a lot to live up to!

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    so, you might be thinking ‘great, but what’s next?’

    In this 3rd year of existence, we have a lot on our roadmap, and as always we’ll do everything in our power to make it easy for you to discover and support the authentic Venice.
    We’ll introduce new ways for people to do so one after the other in the upcoming months. Expect something very soon, but, shhhhttt, you know we like our suspense!

    Also, we’ll extend our collaborations to new ambients, create fresh projects, potentially multiplying our local impact. We’ll update you on that as soon as the time has come.

    Now and like one year ago, we’d like to leave you on a gigantic thank you and remind you that, we know that together we can change things.

    Together we can ensure a bright future to the Venetians and therefore their city. It has just all started. Let’s do it, shall we?
    We’re counting on you!

    Valeria & Sebastian

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