Burano Lace Museum

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    This musesum showcases rare and precious pieces that offer an overview of the history of Burano laces, from its origins to the present day.

    Thanks to the work of the Adriana Marcello Foundation, in 1978, the Venice city council founded the “Consortium for Burano Lace”, to revive and re-evaluate the ancient art of the Merletto di Burano, or Burano Lace. After ordering and cataloging historical documents and drawings, the Lace Museum was opened in the building which had been Burano Lace school from 1872 to 1970.

    This museum showcases rare and precious pieces that offer an overview of the history of Burano laces, from its origins to the present day.

    Opening Times

    Tuesday to Sunday: 10AM – 6PM


    Piazza Baldassarre Galuppi, 187, 30142 Burano, Venezia VE

    Ticket Price

    Full Price: 5€
    Discounted Price: 3,50€

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