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    Pecador on the Venice lagoon island of the Lido is a real sandwich institution and a MUST GO for every person at the lido beach.

    Great and tasty sandwiches at a very good price, make the Pecador a favourite of the youth in the summer months!

    If you want to try the tastiest sandwiches, and you don’t mind being surrounded by teens in beachwear… Pecador is definitely the place where you want to be! In order to find it, you shouldn’t try looking for a restaurant, chairs, and tables: located in front of the so-called “Zona A” beach in Lido and open only during the spring and summer months, the “Pecador” is a cuisine created inside an old London’s double-decker bus! The wide range of big, fresh and exquisite sandwiches, fries, Nutella bread, soft drinks and beers, all served in this fabulous context, make a break at the Pecador a fabulous experience. We recommend you not going after 7:30 PM and especially during weekends, for the waiting time can easily be over 1h… yes, it is as popular as it is delicious!

    Opening times

    10AM – 2AM (Indicative)


    Lungomare D’Annunzio, Venezia Lido, Venezia VE

    Phone number

    +39 347 816 9390

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