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    The ``Libreria Editrice Filippi`` it is the oldest bookshop in town and has the biggest collection of books about Venice.

    The “Libreria Editrice Filippi” is not just a bookshop in Venice, it is the oldest bookshop in town, a long time editor, and specialized on Venice.

    Filippi is known for its great variety of volumes regarding Venice in every aspect: encyclopedias about the entire history of Venice, as well as essays about the administration of the Serenissima, and collection of local songs, games, and traditions.

    While most of the books are indeed only in Italian or even Venetians, there are several books, often unique pieces that can not be found anywhere else and out of production, in several other languages.

    If you’re looking for a rare book about Venice in French, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese Dutch or any other language, the “Libreria Editrice Filippi” is the place that might have just what you need!

    Opening times

    Every Day: 9:30AM – 12:15PM; 3:30PM – 6PM


    Calle Paradiso 5763, 30122 Venezia, Italia

    Phone number

    +39 041 523 5635

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