Bancolotto n.10

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    Original hand-made clothes, created in the women's prison of Venice with the use of high quality fair trade fabrics.

    Bancolotto n.10 is part of a very interesting project created by a social cooperative and administrators of the women’s prison of Venice.

    As a first step, a handful of detainees is taught high-level sewing techniques by the prison’s tailor shop coordinator. This process, in particular, is a great opportunity for learning valuable skills which can be of great help for a positive integration in the society. The second step is the creation by hand of original clothes that have been thought by the tailor shop’s coordinator and precisely designed with the help of a professional tailor and a clothier.

    These original and unique clothes, entirely created by hand in the women’s prison of Venice, with the use of high-quality fair trade fabrics, are then all sold in this beautiful and special shop.

    We’ll let you guess where Valeria’s beautiful winter coat comes from…

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    Opening Times

    Tuesday to Sunday: 9:30AM – 6:30PM
    Monday Closed


    Salizada S.Antonin, 3478/A, Venezia

    Phone number

    +39 041 522 1439

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